T.E.H. Realty

Gilad Israeli and Eliram Rabin, T.E.H. Founding Partners began by acquiring real estate in Beersheba, Israel in 2006. Identifying investment opportunities in this university town in Israel’s south placed them ahead of the investment community.

The opportunity they saw was based on low prices and a healthy rental market centering on a large student community. Beersheba is home of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Israeli and Rabin acquired, managed and maintained hundreds of units. Their foresight provided an exceptionally high ROI for both local and international investors.

Entering US Market

In 2008 they decided to diversify and enter the US residential rental market. They chose Reading, Pennsylvania as their first US location. They began by acquiring, renovating and managing small residential rental projects. Within a few years T.E.H. had acquired several hundred units in Reading. This was accomplished with no leverage on assets.

After analyzing real estate opportunities in the US, Israeli and Rabin decided to focus most of their efforts in the Midwest. They entered the multifamily residential (rental) market in Kansas City, Kansas; St. Louis, Missouri; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2014 Alain Ickovics joined the group.

As a result T.E.H. currently owns and manages about 3,400 garden apartment rental units in these three markets.