T.E.H. Strategy

T.E.H. Investment strategy focuses on middle- and lower-middle class (Class C+ or B-) multi-family properties in good locations in the American Midwest. These properties have added value potential and attractive cash flow. Company headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri.

By providing full in-house acquisition, refurbishing and management services T.E.H. is able to achieve above average returns for investors.

Convenient driving distance between sites in urban areas and between the various regions where it operates makes management more efficient.

Minimum project size is generally 150 units in order to benefit from economy of scale. With projects of this size T.E.H. can provide complete in-house, hands-on local management. Regional management is decentralized and each region is headed by regional managers in order to be closer to the properties and manage them locally. Each region offers a large project pipeline in order to justify the management structure.